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Always go through a pre-flight checklist. Before you take off, go through your pre-flight checklist to make sure everything is ready: Check the batteries (transmitter and drone) to make sure they're fully charged. Check to ensure the SD/micro SD card is fully inserted. Check the propellers to ensure they're secure. Check for loose or missing screws.
The free, thirty minute webinar will provide thirty tips and tricks from Skyward customers: best practices that pro drone operators use during field operations. “From unexpected pre-flight checklists to post-processing best practices — we’ll share lessons learned from experienced drone pilots,” says Skyward. Topics covered will include:
Drone Interactive, a specialist in drone-based attractions, has announced a new live tournament offer for its ARCADRONE attraction. Drone Interactive is pleased to announce that its B2B customers can now enjoy live tournaments on its ARCADRONE product, an award-winning drone flight attraction.